He moves.

4 days before he is 6 months old and he rolls. He has been so close for a while now and I was convinced that I was going to miss it. He managed to roll quite easily onto his side and as it looked like he might push himself all the way, he just threw himself backwards and seemed happy with himself for doing so. But, on Saturday evening, he finally did it. He got onto his side and wobbled side to side and I was desperate to go and give him a helping (interfering) nudge over, yet I didn’t need to. He did it all on his own.

Who knew I would be so proud watching someone roll over. I cheered and squealed praise at him and he just took it in his stride. Then it was like he couldn’t help himself, every time I put him on his back, he did it again, as if forced to.

Of course I filmed it, several times, so that we can watch the moment back later on.

That’s it now though, he can move. I definitely can no longer leave him on the sofa or the bed while I go get something. When I leave him on the floor and return, he is now face down, struggling, almost the opposite of a tortoise, stuck on his belly.

While he doesn’t realise quite what he has done, I smile, proudly, and also wonder what he has in store for us next.


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