My 6 month old grown up.

Today, as I watched my son ‘planking’ in an attempt to crawl, I realised that I no longer have a tiny baby, but a little boy who is eager to grow up and get on the move.


Two weeks ago, he learnt to roll – the first step towards mobility. Now, he spends all his time on his tummy trying to get to things. I, of course, encourage him and try to help him to learn but part of me desperately wants to pick him up, cuddle him in close and pretend he is a teeny weeny baby again.

When he isn’t tummy down, he tries to sit up on his own and can hold himself steady for a few seconds before wobbling and trying (with varied success) to balance himself.


For breakfast, he now eats toast or crumpets like a grown person and, along with his milk, he drinks water from a tippee cup.

As much as I love watching him change, it all seems to be happening at once. He is becoming his own little person.

With crawling on the horizon, I really need to start to baby proof my house.


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