Holidaying with a baby

A few months ago, we booked a holiday to Center Parcs. We had never been before but were told by almost everyone we knew that we would have a great time.

I was really looking forward to it. It was something to countdown to after my return to work and I couldn’t wait to have some lovely family time together.


However, holidays with a baby are never quite what you expect.

After a long drive down, J just wasn’t tired enough for bed time and didn’t want to sleep. He ended up in our bed until the early hours and then, after moving him back to the cot, we were up to him every hour of the night. Not a great start.

Days were planned based around nap times, bottle times, changing facilities and places we could stop to feed him and after the first day I thought to myself “same shit different place.”

Don’t get me wrong. I was loving our time together but it was hardly a ‘break’ as such.

Fortunately, things improved quickly, J absolutely loved being away with his mummy and daddy. We fed and watched ducks and deer together from our patio doors. We swam most mornings and enjoyed learning how to splash in the water. We went for lunch, long walks and enjoyed days out together.


What’s even better, after days full of fresh air, J was shattered. He slept better than ever and was practically sleeping through. Even when he woke at six, we quickly brought him into bed and had a little nap together, waking around 8.30.

Ok, so the husband and I couldn’t just lie in bed together all day as we might have in our dating days due to a small intruder, but it was worth it to have that little person in with us, the one who pulls my hair and tries to eat my nose, who holds my hand as he naps and loves to cuddle in to his ‘dada’ It made us a family.

In the end, I loved our little family holiday and it exceeded expectations. I now know what everyone was going on about and hope that one day we will return again.


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