You know you’re a mum when…

Apologies as I know there are lots of these doing the rounds but it has occurred to me how much my life has changed recently and I wanted to add my own:

  1. Songs stuck in your head are now Row Row Row your boat
  2. You can’t name any of the current top 10 songs
  3. You know the Bing Bong song from Peppa Pig, it’s now in your head
  4. A late night is staying up till 10pm
  5. A lie in is sleeping past 7am
  6. Piles have now become a regular and acceptable topic of conversation
  7. You compare nappy brands and actually have an opinion on them
  8. You no longer make trips to the toilet alone
  9. A hot cup of tea is a novelty, or a dream
  10. Finger foods are no longer a buffet treat found at parties but have become a major part of your life
  11. You can’t spoon feed your baby without opening your mouth at the same time
  12. You have become a Facebook bore that constantly posts pictures of your baby (very guilty)
  13. You are sorry you ever said you were tired before you had children, you weren’t
  14. You have to eat when they’re not looking, and quickly
  15. You take note of another person’s bowel movements, frequency and consistency
  16. You get to work to realise you have snot on the shoulder of your cardigan, or in your hair
  17. You curse the postman for knocking during nap time
  18. You can name the characters from In The Night Garden
  19. You have random conversations with strangers in Aldi because your baby won’t stop staring at them
  20. You sob, uncontrollably, at DIY SOS or any programme with children in it, or pets, or old people, sometimes even at the adverts.
  21. When someone else matters so much more than you do.

Weaning worries.

I was really looking forward to weaning, watching him eat food, trying new things, even seeing it smushed around his face.

Oh, I was a fool. Now the time has finally come and I haven’t a clue what I am doing. I desperately seek advice on Facebook groups, read online blogs and articles and buy weaning books to decorate my kitchen shelves with.

I keep being told that I can feed him anything other than honey, whole nuts and too much salt. This simply cannot be true. Surely I cannot feed him chocolate brownies, chicken curry, beef burgers, pizza…although, reading this list it is possible I need to reconsider my own diet.

I try to offer him finger food selections of fresh fruit and steamed veg. Surely he will be good at this as EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. Nope. He cannot pick up food from his highchair and put it in his mouth. It usually ends up on the floor, on his knee and around his mouth.

Also, I question how he can possibly eat food without choking if he has no teeth to break it down.

So I watch him, like a hawk, as he makes a successful attempt to bring food to mouth. Then I quietly squeal with joy as he manages to swallow some and continues to munch away.

I am sure that as my confidence builds with giving him food, so will his with actually eating it.

Everything is important with him. Everything matters greatly and weaning is just another parenting worry that eventually will be overcome. Hopefully.